DON’T FORGET TO PACK Day-trip bag or backpack for short trips and weekend getaways
— you won’t want to carry your luggage around

BEST LEFT AT HOME Toiletries — you can buy these at Poundland, your student budget savior

WHERE TO LIVE Parkwood apartments on campus for first years (a.k.a. “freshers”) and international students
Bonus: it has a shared kitchen

BEST EATS NEAR CAMPUS Boho Cafe in the city centre for the best burgers in Canterbury!
Order the Winston Churchill burger with a refreshing ginger beer

FAVORITE BRITISH ACTIVITY Pub quiz! Brits love their quizzes, especially at the local pubs

WHERE TO STUDY Library’s coffee shop on the first floor for quiet study and a caffeine fix;
for a little more ambience, check out Dolce Vita and grab some dinner while you’re at it

MUST-TRY LOCAL DISH For a savory fix try a full English breakfast (bacon, mushrooms, sausage, blood pudding, baked beans, grilled tomato and toast); if blood pudding sounds too adventurous, opt for a creme tea breakfast, with scones, jam and clotted cream (you’ll be hooked!)

BEST PHOTO OP Right on campus by the Keynes bus stop, there is incredible view of the city center—
get up early to capture the best photo of the Canterbury Cathedral encircled with fog

BIGGEST FAIL Asking where the bathroom is—get used to calling it the “toilet” or be forewarned about confused faces

BUY THIS Jaffa Cakes! You’ll thank me later

NOT THAT Don’t buy the campus linens and bed covers (a bit pricey and low quality);
instead check out Primark in the city centre for cheap deals

MOST INTERESTING CLASS Fencing! Take the course titled Shakespeare’s Theatre—
not only will you learn all about Shakespeare, you’ll even get to try out your fencing skills in a class workshop

BEST PART OF THE PROGRAM The orientation in London is where you’ll meet your new pals for your time in England;
smile and introduce yourself (you’ll want traveling buddies if you’re not comfortable traveling alone)

UNFORGETTABLE WEEKEND TRIPS Windsor Castle, Bath, Stonehenge

BONUS PRO TIP While there are many incredible surrounding countries to visit, don’t forget to really get a
feel for England by taking a coach bus tour! We visited Windsor Castle, the city of Bath and Stonehenge all in one day!
Our tour guide was very informative and approachable and made the tour all that much more worth it.

3-minute travel guide: Canterbury, England
3-minute travel guide: Canterbury, England
3-minute travel guide: Canterbury, England
3-minute travel guide: Canterbury, England
Karina Perez: 3-Minute Travel Guide, Canterbury, England


Study Abroad Program: English Universities – University of Kent 
Other Countries Visited: Spain, France, Italy
Home University: UC San Diego
Degree: Theatre Arts
Year: Graduated Spring 2016

Karina is a filmmaker and storyteller who enjoys exploring new cultures around the world from behind her camera lens. Before her time abroad with UCEAP, she had never left North America, but ever since her time in Canterbury, England, her passion for travel has grown immensely. She is consistently planning her next adventure and has just returned from a trip to Iceland. Through her art she hopes to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and travel the world with an open mind, because she believes this is when amazing things can happen.